Sobre Rojo Episode List

Episode 1: Ang Balita ni Tiya Olga
Episode 2: Si Camilo de Guzman
Episode 3: Ang Mukha sa Larawan
Episode 4: Ang Pagkatok ni Ophelia
Episode 5: Ang mga Kamay ni Ophelia
Episode 6: Sa Loob ng Gubat
Episode 7: Ang Banta ni Camilo
Episode 8: Ang Demonyo at ang Perlas
Episode 9: Ang mga Damdamin ni Sining
Episode 10: Ang Mumunting Kaligayahan ni Sining
Episode 11: Sa Loob ng Kuweba
Episode 12: Ang Dalawang Bisita 
Episode 13: Mga Lihim at Pagtataksil
Episode 14: Ang Magkasintahan sa Kabilang Bahagi ng Daigdig
Episode 15: Ang Tining ni Ophelia
Episode 16: Ang mga Nagbagong Plano
Episode 17: Ang Dalawang Piitan

Sobre Rojo (Preview)

Set near the end of the Spanish era in the Philippines and the start of the revolution, Sobre Rojo is an adaptation of the Sarah Waters novel Fingersmith. This would hopefully be one episode per week.

Characters (will be updated)

Zenaida “Sining” Abad– one of the two main characters, Sining is an orphan indio, raised by her uncle Isagani Abad, the leader of the Katipunan in their town in Bicol. She was told that her parents, both revolutionaries, were killed by the alcalde mayor of Bulacan. She grew up harboring hate for the Spaniards.

Ma. Ophelia Rosario “Pili” Buenaventura– Ophelia to other people and Pili (affectionately) to Sining, she is a naive, fifteen-year old insulares and the only daughter of Don Arturo. She studied in Spain for a year and only now returned to the country. She is very beautiful and has a lot of suitors and admirers amongst the noble class but finds herself attracted only to the beauty of the natural world.

Lucas Magsino– Sining’s sweetheart and the first one to discover the relationship between the two. A member of the Katipunan himself, Lucas is loyal to his country. He hopes to marry Sining when the revolution is over.

Camilo de Guzman- the young and ambitious captain of the civil guards in Nueva Ecija. He employs Sining to help him win the heart of Ophelia so that he would have more connections in the government; courtesy of her father.

Isagani Abad– Sining’s uncle and adoptive father, Isagani is the leader of a chapter of the Katipunan in Bicol

Don Arturo Buenaventura– Ophelia’s abusive father and the alcalde mayor of Bulacan

Cast of Characters

Maja Salvador as Zenaida “Sining” Abad

Andi Eigenmann as Maria Rosario Ophelia Buenaventura

Eddie Gutierrez as Don Arturo Buenaventura

Joel Torre as Kapitan Isagani Abad

Coco Martin as Lucas Magsino

Caridad Sanchez as Olga Abad

TJ Trinidad as Camilo de Guzman

Note: These were the people I had in mind while I was writing the story and I just wanted to share them to you. If I would be asked to do a casting for the story in an actual TV show, these are the actors that I would choose. You are, however, free to imagine whichever person as whichever character once you start reading the episodes.


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