Ang T-Bird ay Ako is a blog born out of hate, spite, disgust, whatever you call it. Try googling lesbian Filipina (not at work, at school or anywhere your computer screen can be viewed by your mother) and the search engine will list a slew of porn sites. Though I am not really DEATH TO ALL PORN CONTENT!, I do believe that Filipino lesbians are more than a straight male’s fantasy.

This blog is for all the Filipina lesbians out there (pun not intended). Whether you’re out and proud (I envy you!), or in the closet just like me, I hope you could feed whatever sapphic need you have by viewing this blog.

Disclaimer: The Blog Title is a play of words on the movie and T-Bird at Ako, a movie team-up by none other than the Star for All Seasons and the Superstar.


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  1. do you have at least a clip to share or links about nora and vilma’s film?

    sorry i’m no longer a teenager but i agree. what i hate about the word “lesbian” is closed minded people’s misconceptions and stereotyping. this makes the world unfair.

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