Just Because I’m a Masochist


I bought a new piece of contraband a while ago. Wittily titled Talong/Tahong, the book is a compilation of homoerotic short stories written in Filipino. I got it from National Bookstore for 230 pesos after hearing about it from my former professor; he was one of the contributors and he still doesn’t have his copy! I haven’t actually read any of the stories yet, and sadly, there were fewer lesbian-themed stories than gay-themed ones when I checked. I’ll be writing a full post soon after I finish studying for my exam tomorrow, and by finish, I meant start.

Now where to hide it…


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  1. I really wish they would write more femme/femme stories in Filipino… alam mo it is so nakakainis, when I go to Odyssey, look at the Philippine section on erotica and it is all full of gay videos, but when we try looking for an f2f video, there will always have to be a guy who interrupts, or a priest, or a self-righteous religious or cultural fanatic. There’s this book, Women Loving… I just can’t remember the author, but it’s purely femme/femme. It’s in the 150 peso price range.

  2. The author of the book, “Women Loving” is Joy Cruz. Absolutely a-must have for every women-loving woman out there 🙂 “Comadrona” is the short story I could not get out of my mind. The piece I’ll always come back to.

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