The Fair, the Flying Fiesta and the Future


by Geraldine Touer

Though shalt not judge a fair night by its title. Yesterday, two of my friends and I went to the last night of the University of the Philippines Fair 2011, lamely entitled inFAIRno. It was the second year for me to come and the first for one of my friends who was from UP Manila. I had more fun this time. The three of us actually planned to go karaoke if we found the fair boring but we stayed until 2:30 in the morning!

The UP Sunken Garden was bustling with activity; there were three perya rides as opposed the single Octopus from last year. I never thought I would muster enough courage to ride the flying fiesta. I have learned in my years of going to amusement parks never to underestimate rides that looked easy; the flying fiesta looked deadly even as I was watching it! But lucky enough, my friends persuaded me and we rode the bitch together. All I can say is that a cup of coffee is more worthy of my elevated heart rate.

its more menacing, elder sister at Enchanted Kingdom

My mini-butch it up moment was even scarier than the ride:

I’m the one in white. The girl.

Well, it was slightly scary, because the ride was not scary at all. I thought it was about time to put into practical use the muscles I’ve been trying so hard to acquire in the gym. I was not able to scale the wall up to the top though, I could not reach the next stone. I realized wall climbing was supposed to be strategic as well.

Also, UP Fair is not UP Fair without the excitement of danger. We ran at least three times because of brewing gang rumbles. Thank the organizers for the efficient security people who were quick to respond with their arnis sticks and thick arms, and thank the bands who were quick to cuss at these troublemakers.

crappy, undeserving iPhone shot of I-forgot-which-awesome-band

I bought a neat shirt from the UP Department of Anthropology booth. A five-hundred peso bill was the only money I had left and I did not have spare change for the jeepney fare home so I just had to buy this shirt, also because I’m a dyke:

it has a really nice underlying message too

But the highlight of the fair for me was when I consulted a tarot reader. Not that I believed anything she said but she did say some really interesting and factual things about me:

1. It woul take a long time and perhaps never, before I could forgive those who wronged me when I was a child because I harbor hatred. I think so too. I don’t even want to forgive them.

2. I would not earn pesos but dollars. Perhaps I would be reconsidered for a US Visa?

3. I will be successful with a business. Showbusiness, I hope. Though I have been planning for months to buy a videoke machine to rent to other people.

4. I know who my soulmate is. I do, it’s a male friend of mine and I was with him last night. I even told him on the spot that I think he was my soulmate. He thinks so too.

5. My parents would accept me when I come out, but gradually, and my mother would get sick first because of it. She also told me not to come out yet, maybe in three years time. I don’t think I’ll even be ready then.

6. I made the right decision to finish Engineering first before studying Creative Writing, instead of shifting. I found that relieving.

7. I would be able to finish my current project. Yay for Sobre Rojo!

8. A family member should by careful while driving. My father goes up to 120 in zigzag roads and he is the kind of driver who goes even faster when reprimanded.

9. Love will bloom during the second quarter of the year. Summer lovin’!. She told me I have to work for it, though.

I can’t wait for UP fair 2012!


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  1. 9. Love will bloom during the second quarter of the year. Summer lovin’!. She told me I have to work for it, though.

    ^ interesting 😉 pero pinaghirapan mo nga ba? dinaan mo sa kasungitan, e. hahaha

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