The Show


by Geraldine Touer

Here it is, are you even excited? I had this baby in my mind, incubating, ever since I read and watched Fingersmith. I thought the story could be adapted to Spanish era Philippines settings. Like my other stories, I haven’t written a word down, but I’ve got the plot in my head (if you could call fluff and mushiness and smut a plot). But I am giddy to start this mini project that I wrote the description of the main characters down while watching the most amazing TV show on earth, Imortal.

So here it is, I’m so inspired that I picked up a pencil for the first time in three years. I’m unveiling the preview of the first show I’m creating for this blog:

this is what I like to call: let’s pretend I still know how to draw

Please click on the Shows tab for more details.


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