Someday I am going to die of Pepa overdose


by Geri

I don’t even know what to do with my life now.

I wasn’t able to update you with all the brouhaha of last season’s Los Hombres de Paco, but never mind that now, this season rocks! This video alone is a suitable replacement for life itself.

and that was last last week.

Since Pepa and Silvia reconciled a few weeks back, life has become a vicious cycle for me. Wait until Thursday noon for the new episode (in the Philippines), watch the YouTube clips for the new episode a million times until the next episode comes two weeks later. Pepa, give me back my life please, I need it.


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  1. hello
    i just happened to find your website by accident and since we both share an admiration for lhdp especially pepa, i got curious and gave in to that curiosity.
    anyway, i don’t want to spoil your fun but i don’t know if it’s true that this is the last season for lhdp. i really hope not.

  2. Mmm what a way to go! If I could choose to die, I’d definitely want to die of Pepa overdose 😉
    Silvia’s gorgeous, a beautiful face, and WOW! That hair! *Sigh* But Pepa.. Pepa’s just too damn sexy 😀

  3. Ugggh PepSi *drool* They are just so amazing together…. Cried so much when Silvia Died. 😦

  4. DAMN, o JO-der. Late to the party. I am sick in love with Silvia Castro aka Marian Aguilera lol.
    I don t know how to shake this. My life is spent watching all clips over and over. Help.

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