The Discovery Mine


by Geri GP

The title of this post can be interpreted in two ways, both of which are correct. It can be read as the discovery of mine, or the mine of things that can be dicovered.

You can never guess what I found at AstroPlus, SM the Block. I saw a VCD copy of Ang T-Bird at Ako! Okay, so you have guessed that one probably. I’m sorry that I’m so predictable.

So I decided to check out the record bar because I was looking for a copy of Katy Perry’s album; One of the Boys. Not that I would buy it of course, I just love to look at things (the only album I would buy would be that of the Jonas Brothers‘. Oooops!, my dirty little secret!). So AstroPlus has this larger section devoted to movies, with foreign films having a major share. But what’s really impressive is that they have this whole shelf devoted to old Filipino movies that are hard to find (think along the line of pre-Pitong Gatang FPJ movies). I browsed it just to test how many of them is my seventeen-year-old mind familiar with. Then I saw it, a picture of Nora Aunor and Vilma on the cover. Nanlaki ang mga mata ko. I had to double check within three meters of radius from where I was standing before I lifted the VCD, and I was right, it was indeed that movie, for I know no any other movie in which they both starred in. I looked to the right of the location of the VCD, and there it was, a copy of Rome and Juliet, something that I gave up looking for a year ago. I also made another discovery, Elizabeth Oropesa played a major role as a lesbian in a movie called Si Malakas, si Maganda at si Mahinhin. Pictures of her kissing other women were very prominent on the cover of the disc. Dan Fernandino played a gay man in this motion picture directed by Danny Zalcita. You can read about it movie here

There is one bad news though, there is only one copy of Ang T-Bird at Ako. So don’t bother looking for it for I already hid it, and I’m going to buy it on Monday, buwahahahhaa. I think I’m going to buy another one of Nora’s or Vilma’s movies so that I won’t get de-shelved. The cashier would just think that I’m a fan of one of them, which isn’t a lie when you come to think of it.

Why did I even bother blogging about it? I was just so excited that I had to share it to you.

I left my bag in the car so I wasn’t able to buy it. When I walk inside malls, I usually hate carrying bags.


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