New Los Hombres de Paco Promo


by Geri

You’ve probably seen these. These are the PepSi friendly compilation of this season’s first episode con english subtitles:

The subtitled compilation of episode 2 would probably be up on Sunday (keep your fingers crossed!). Meanwhile, here is the preview for the third episode, airing next week. It does not look good. Again, warning, it does not look good at all.

I did not see that bitch slap coming, especially from my Pepa. I know that she’s seldom angry but when she is she fumes a lot, but I really don’t see Pepa hurting Silvia, even if it looks like Silvia started it. I can’t wait to know what provoked such display of domestic violence.


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  1. Aww. I love Pepa and Silvia as well!!! I’m kinda crushing on Pepa. haha.

    Looks like we need to wait until Thursday (well maybe Friday for us) to see the latest ep of lhdp. Hayy….

    I have to say that I really find your blog funny and interesting. Ate Vi and Ate Guy, awesome.

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