Happy New Year Everyone!


by Geri GP

So no Christmas or New Year post? I have a perfectly good (excuse) reason for that. I don’t even want Christmas or New Year, when the next season of Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s men) is on January 7, who would care for the holidays?, Certainly not me.

So my new favorite couple, Pepa and Silvia, of my new favorite ship, PepSi, once again grazes Spanish TV on January 7 (Jan 8 for us, I guess). LHDP is a cop show, it revolves around a man named Paco and his group and the different cases they take on, but who really cares anyway, we only want this two:

Left (Marian Aguilera as Silvia) and Right (Laura Sanchez as Pepa)

Left (Marian Aguilera as Silvia) and Right (Laura Sanchez as Pepa)

or if I’m allowed to be more specific, just this one hottie:

Silvia might be beautiful, but Pepa is soo gay that she's smokin' hot.

Silvia might be beautiful, but Pepa is soo gay that she's smokin' hot.

No wonder Silvia can’t get enough, I want my own Pepa.

If you want to watch last season’s compilation of PepSi scenes, subscribe to the pepsienglish channel on Youtube. She’s also recapping and translating next season so be sure to thank her. However, if there’s one thing regarding the show that I can actually help you out with, it’s the confusing family relationships. Here I go (rolling up my sleeves now):

Pepa and Silvia are sisters-in-law, there is a better tagalog term called bilas. Silvia’s sister, Lola, is married to Pepa’s brother Paco. Lola and Paco’s daughter, Sara, is the niece of both Pepa and Silvia. Sara’s grandfather, Don Lorenzo (he is everyone’s boss), is Silvia and Lola’s father. Silvia was once married to Lucas, who is now married to her niece, Sara, a person half his age. Silvia also once carried Montoya’s baby but lost it, while Montoya now has a very obvious crush on Pepa. Pepa is the blacksheep of the family, and Don Lorenzo doesn’t trust her because she kissed Silvia many years ago during Sara’s first communion when Pepa and Silvia were both eighteen. Got it?

So I’m excited, but worried at the same time by the new season preview:

That’s is Aitor, kissing and sleeping with Pepa, when I, er Silvia should be. I can only understand a few Spanish but from what I have understood, it seems that PepSi wants to have a baby, and that Silvia is so so in love with my Pepa. So the theories of the optimists are that this is just a dream sequence, or Aitor’s fantasy, or Pepa’s attempt at getting pregnant, because there is no way she would cheat on Silvia, let alone with a man, she’s so gay, she’s extremely gay! (and she has to go through me first before Aitor if ever that happens) What really got me bothered is that this maybe Callica all over again. I’m already traumatized! So anyway, we’ll know more about it on Jan 8, so make sure to subscribe to pepsienglish.

PS: I forgot to mention that LHDP won AfterEllen’s visibility award for Best foreign scripted TV series for the year 2008. Congratulations. And doesn’t Pepa look like Nanette Medved?

Anyway, it’s nice to be back! 🙂


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