What’s supposed to be a major article and the never ending breed of stupid


by Geri

I really want to post a massive article today, like the one I did on Brookegate, Prop 8 and the Worst.Lesbian.Week.Ever., because it’s a Monday and I don’t have classes. Sadly, I already spent half of the day in the hospital because of lumps forming at the back of my head. What I thought were tumor spots were actually just my lymphatic nodes, so nothing to worry about for me.

So what’s up? other than, and I quote from Hairspray,  a whole lot of ugly coming from a never ending breed of stupid (ABC), first things first. I found this video at AfterEllen. It’s MSBNC talk show host Keith Olbermann, a straight guy speaking to other straight people about Prop 8. He is speaking for us.

A lot of straight people have spoken up in our defense too. If you click the AfterEllen link above, you’ll see what they have to say, and they’re really really nice things.

On to the plans.

This week, I’ll be busying myself with how to get more blog traffic. I’ll keep writing as long as people are reading, even if it’s just three people. Pero mas masaya kung mas marami diba. Plus, I’d love to hear from people from different places. Last night, I was thrilled to find out that Dr. Janice Covington, the one who wrote Don’t Bullshit the Hahn, commented on my Brookegate article. So people, if you’re reading, please comment and tell me how the hell did you chance upon this blog, so that I know which of my actions are getting people to view my posts. And, if you can suggest on ways to explode blog traffic, I’ll be grateful in advance. 🙂

What I’ve been doing:

  • Blog hopping and linking my site on people’s tagboards.
  • Sticking post it’s with my url on the backdoors of comfort room cubicles in malls and UP Diliman.
  • Advertising my blog on the Philippine Collegian.
  • Researching, of course, on how to get more blog traffic.

Other plans

Unlike the Department of Agriculture, I do have plans. First off, Mondays will be massive article days, as massive as the first post but not always as major (for I hope that the whole lot of ugly coming from a never ending breed of stupid don’t go b*shitting us every week). I’d like to think for now that I’ll start of with a Willow and Tara article next Monday, or how hot and attractive Brooke Smith is, I don’t know yet, but what I do know is, it will begin next Monday. Or, if not, I’ll still write something about my sorry excuse for not writing (like tumor cells that are really just swollen lymph nodes).

Also, I’ll be launching So You Don’t Have To sometime this week. So You Don’t Have To would be me watching and reading any lesbian or les-curious work in popular culture I manage to get my hands on in ways that are legal or acceptably legal in our country, so you don’t have to. I’ll write the synopsis and review it for you, and basically tell you if a film, or book is worth your leaves-seeing eyes. But don’t listen to me, do watch them anyway, they’re rare and precious.

Whenever and if ever this blog gets huge traffic, I’ll be inviting guest writers (just my les-curious friends, I’ll set my gaydar to a maximum). It’ll be nice to read about their take on queer stuff, stuff that’s up to them.

I still have other plans, but I don’t want to be someone who announces these to the world only to get disappointed on the end if they do not materialize.

The whole lot of ugly coming from the never ending breed of stupid.

If you’ve been reading the Erica Hahn threads over there at ABC’s site, or are keeping up-to-date with the Callica  LJ Community, you’ll probably know by now that Brooke/Erica has been given the nickname Cake. No need to get confused when I make dessert references.

So, who has watched the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Rephrase. Who has managed to watch the last episode of That-which-must-not-be-named? Certainly not me. I have only seen the scenes in which Erica was mentioned in You Tube. So Callie’s been missing the Cake, I’m not going to say her Cake for she did a really good job of taking Erica for granted. Hey Callie, it’s not just you! We’ve all been missing our Cake!

After meeting the new Head of Cardiothoracics, Cristina begins to yearn for Erica, hell, if even Cristina wants Erica back, that is really saying something.

The whole breaking down at the OR thing:LAME. Even Sara Ramirez’ Julliard graduate prowess was not able to save it. That is really saying something.

The only good thing from what I’ve watched is Cristina finding out about Erica and Callie, and it’s not the writing, it’s Sandra Oh and her under-used character.

I avoided watching the show, hence, I can’t make an informed opinion but from what I’ve heard from Callica and non-Callica shippers alike, the show was not half-bad, it’s going down the dumps (does victory dance).

Also, here’s an excerpt from Nurse Debbie’s blog back there at the enemy’s website:

Nurse Debbie

Two questions?  Um, what happened to Hahn?  And, what happened to Hahn?  She was here and then she wasn’t.  I know that she was a little peeved at the whole Izzie/Denny “incident” and that she was a lot peeved at Callie for not taking her side in wanting to report Izzie but to just leave?  Walk out?  Especially on a relationship is just crazy.  I thought Callie took it pretty well until she broke down in the OR when her patient died.

I just want the kid to have a break.  Enough with her getting hurt.  Hahn was obviously not adult enough for the relationship.  Come on people.  You just walk out on a relationship when your partner doesn’t side with you???? Who does that???  Hahn should be prepared to walk out on relationships for the rest of her life if that’s the case.  I wish her well and hope that she continues to save lives with her amazing talent.  I also hope that she just grows up enough to sustain a relationship that lasts more than five minutes.

Three words. Nope, three letters (It’s not ABC, though it is synonymous). WTF?! So Erica is the childish half of the couple? Since when has running off whenever your partner gets emotional, screwing Mark Sloan just to prove a theory and asking a man-whore for sex lessons instead of talking to your girlfriend been the adult thing to do? Callie Torres, the mature half of Callica. Yup. In an alternate dimension where ABC produces Gay’s Anatomy, the Philippines is a developed country and I’m so so straight, I’m extremely straight.

Anyone who seriously gives a shit about the rest of her blogpost, you can tread over the dark side for a while and view it here.


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  1. i like callie (sara ramirez) in addition to izzie (katherine heigl) and addison (kate walsh) – sayang wala na xa… might download the new episodes i havent seen after completing fingersmith..

    i appreciate your effort. kick ass

  2. Olbermann rules. Thanks so much for posting his rant. Now if we could only get Fox News to air it!

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