What if Willow and Tara hooked up in 2008?


by Geri

In light of Brookegate (for I know that I can never stop talking about this treachery), what if Willow and Tara hooked up in 2008, in this age of tolerance, equality, social acceptance and an increasing population of lesbian characters on prime time TV?

Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Tara (Amber Benson) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the first ever lesbian couple on prime time TV that involved a regular character. Willow and Tara are portrayed in the show as each other’s true love, in a relationship that spanned more than two seasons, ending with Tara’s death as she was shot by a stray bullet. They are also my favorite couple, as I will elaborate in a different article, but I suggest you do research now (You Tube, Kitten Board), because Willow and Tara is a good investment and would be your first venture into establishing your lesbo street cred.

Tara(left) and Willow(right), your passport to Lesbo Street Cred

So what if these soulmates met today and not back in the year 2000?

  • Willow will screw her “person” Xander to prove that she’s not a lesbian.
  • After they hook up, Tara will get emotional and tell Willow of her life as a kid; riding horses and being told by her family that her demon side will manifest when she turns 20. Willow will promptly run off to screw Xander. TWICE. On the same day, and will find out that sex with either is awesome.
Good old, loyal Xander

Good old, loyal Xander

  • They would not be naked in bed. EVER. They would refer to wear hideous nightgowns.
  • Tara would not have died of a stray bullet at the end of season 6 because Amber Benson would have been fired after the seventh episode for playing a lesbian who’s not Hollywood stick thin.
  • Joss Whedon, the creator of the show, would release a statement like: “Miss Amber Benson was clearly not fired for playing a lesbian as there is still another lesbian on the show named Willow Rosenberg.” which no one would actually believe, or something like: “To say that we must not fire an actress because she was playing a lesbian is as offensive to me as to say that she must stay on the show because she plays a straight, boring person.”
  • GLAAD would actually back-up these statements, hoping that the show would further develop Willow’s lesbianism
  • Willow and Tara’s legion of loyal fans called Kittens (I am one!) would get outraged by this and and send thousands of hate mail and boxes of barbie dolls with genuine molded plastic stamped up their asses to Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, Mutant Enemy and UPN.

Good thing my favorite couple were stuck at the turn of the new millenium. It’s a blessing!


2 responses »

  1. obviously, galit ka sa nangyari sa grey’s haha.

    pero kahit hindi mo intention:
    tingin ko(sure type) na hindi magiging circus ang kwento kung 2008 nangyari ang Tara-Willow hook up. kasi naniniwala ako sa integridad ni joss. may nabasa akong comment years ago na mautak si joss kasi sa kamatayan ng mom ni buffy yung first kiss nila. heart-breaking yung episode mahiya naman ang malisyosong magrereact 🙂

    tsaka pakinggan mo speech niya dito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYaczoJMRhs

  2. I actually agree. If there’s anything good that came out of the whole Brookegate fiasco, it’s my new found respect for Joss. The article is just sarcasm and allusion on my part.

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