Top Ten signs that you’re reading a really bad Callica fanfiction


by Geri

So how do you know when you’re up for a really bad read?

10. It starts with talks of threesomes and an elevator kiss.

See Mark, too much for yah.

See, Mark, too much for yah.

9. Callie starts screwing Mark Sloan to prove her heterosexuality.

8. After Callie decides what she wants and kisses Erica, you have to wait for four months for the next installment.

7. After the long wait, you observe that Callie and Erica are awkward around each other, avoiding each other preferrably by covering one’s face with a newspaper.

Thay typo sure looks interesting.

That typo sure looks interesting.

6. Callie panics during an operation and Erica manages to calm her down using her rich, rich voice that drops atleast one octave lower and by staring at her with her blue, blue eyes. (Not yet proven to be feasible. Needs Mythbusters attention.)

Can somebody else's eyes get any bluer?

Can somebody else's eyes get any bluer?

5. When Erica asks Callie out on a date, the latter begins to talk about borders and embassies.

4. Callie asks Mark Sloan for sex lessons.

3. When Erica starts to be emotional and exclaims that she’s extremely gay, Callie runs off to screw Mark Sloan. TWICE. On the same day.

2. After going through the trouble of writing everything, the writer kills the storyline, with Erica walking off towards her car after uncharacteristically telling Callie that she can’t kind of be a lesbian.

1. You find no disclaimer stating that the writer is not making any profit from writing the story. You also don’t find “Story, characters and plot are owned by Disney, ABC and Shonda Rhimes et al” in the disclaimer. You find it in the opening credits.

Banner made by Magie Amoureuse.

Banner made by Magie Amoureuse.


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  1. Oh, man, you hit the nail on the head. I knew I was growing increasingly frustrated with the story line for many of the reasons you mentioned above, but when you spell it all out as you did I realize just how much injustice ABC and its writers did to the Callica story. It had SO much potential. Brooke Smith is a brilliant actress– they messed up big time.

  2. Yup, they did. And it won’t go forgotten. Not ever. Thanks for viewing my site and I sound so fastfood now but please come again!

  3. Painfully stupid..but it will all turn around, it will. Soon they’ll feel the pain up their ass. GA already lost 1 million viewers last episode.

  4. OMG…that is the worst Callica Fanfic EVER…and what’s worse is I’ve got it on my DVR, so I can watch it over and over…because there is no more. Erica was the only saving grace…through her bluer then blue eyes we got the depth of her love for Callie, and fell in love with Dr Erica Hahn. Then ABC broke our heart’s by breaking hers…and giving Brooke a pink slip!!! Thanks ABC for the OUCH!!! I miss Erica/Brooke 😦

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